How do I Get Started?

Speculation is as old as the hills. New traders will often refer to it as trading. The more accurate description of what we do is “Speculation” – it helps our minds focus on the probability based nature of our day to day activities. It helps us remove that propensity to make the mistake of thinking trading is an exact science, with exact rules and processes when it actually isn’t at all. It is the aggregation of the collective beliefs of emotional beings from all over the world, expressing their beliefs about the future price of a particular trading instrument.

Speculation is an art with a rule-based aspect to it. The more you practice, the more you learn. It’s just like riding a bike; a few falls here and there but with these trial and errors you will master the art, in this case, of trading. One of the greatest advantages about learning how to speculate is that once learned, it is a life skill that lasts forever.

The speculator’s goal is to hone the psychological and physical skills required to develop confidence in speculating for personal financial gains.

Where do I start?

StoreHouse Analytics offers a couple of avenues to assist you in your development as a speculator.

THE VIDEO COURSE: The Storehouse Tutorial Group.

This is the self-paced learning on offer where the trader is given unlimited access to a set of 7 videos teaching the methodology in a systematic fashion to students who have gone on to do very well in the markets and are part of the Roundtable at present. These videos involve me teaching one of my top students during his one-to-one when he first started out. It is a real life, down-to- earth set of recordings of two people sharing information. You will hear our families in the background just to show you that we are retail traders and human beings like you. We like to keep the realities of trading before us because life happens to us all.

The difference between this group and the one-to-one group is that the students who take this option will not be required to submit homework or submit a battle plan like the one-to-one group is required to do. They do not have ongoing support as part of their learning package.

So if you are up for some private informal learning then you should opt for the video lessons which are priced at a minimal cost of only £550 + a Paypaltransaction fee (usually 2-6%).


If you prefer a direct approach, having access directly to me, then the one-to-one group option is available.

The one-to-one mentoring program is a 4-week program. Sessions are once a week because I want my traders to be clear on each concept before we tackle the next one. To ensure that, you will have homework that must be submitted in between sessions.

As stated, this is to ensure that you understand the concept taught in the session before moving on to the next one. You will also be expected to submit a battle plan within a month of ending your one-to-onesessions

The knowledge and skill set made available over the 4 sessions is as follows –

As stated, you get one session a week with me, lasting at about an hour each time (usually longer so make allowance for that). The sessions can be recorded so you have them to review later on.

You get email access to me in between sessions to submit the homework and to ask questions.

The cost for the one-to-onesessions is £1250+ a Paypal transaction fee (usually 2-6%)..


In the Roundtable meetings, both, students from one-to-one sessions and the tutorial group students, can all come together. Roundtable is scheduled weekly, every Sunday night, for our pre-market group meeting.

This is where we go through the markets in great detail, plan the week ahead and identify levels to consider going forward for the week. It is the ongoing mentoring in a group setting that is provided to our traders and students. This program is on-par with post graduate level training as the topics covered and experience shared is equivalent to any certified course.

Subscription for access to this group is £80/month (4 months payable upfront) and is separate to the other costs given above. There are no hidden costs and we believe that when it comes to education, every practice should be transparent.

Expert Support and Training

No matter where you are from, you can access the live lessons at a time zone preferable to you. We understand how daunting it can get to learn trading in an isolated environment; hence we have a dedicated team to offer support in answering your queries every step of the way to ensure all attendees receive highest quality education.

Level Price  
Lifetime access to Storehouse Tutorial group videos £550.00 now. Select
One to one coaching (4 one to one sessions over 4 weeks) £1,250.00 now. Select
Lifetime access to Storehouse Tutorial group videos + 2 one to one sessions over 2 weeks £800.00 now. Select
Weekly Roundtable Meetings £320.00 now and then £80.00 per Month. Select